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We decided we wanted to go for a modern board and batten accent wall with mounted TV. This project may look intimidating, but I promise it really isn’t too hard once you get things started.

Modern Dark Board And Batten Accent Wall Tools and Supplies The texture just gives the wall more depth and it saved me a ton of time. If you want to go this route you will need to be prepared to cut around any outlets, vents, switches, etc with a jigsaw, so keep that in mind. Also depending on the size of your wall, you might need a table saw, or you could see if your local hardware store would be able to cut the pieces you need.

The reason I decided not to go with this option is I didn’t have a jigsaw or a table saw, and honestly it sounded like a lot more work. It is possible to skim-coat your wall to get rid of the texture on the drywall itself.

If this option sounds interesting to you I would encourage you to watch some videos on how to skim coat.

This type of wood is a little more expensive, but it is already sanded and primed so it will save you a ton of time. This question is something that prevents a lot of people from doing a board and batten wall. Chances are your baseboards will be thinner than the wood you will be adding to the wall.

I purposely choose the wood that was a bit thinner so the amount my boards hung over my baseboards was small as possible. First, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep the wall white or change the color when I started the project. Steps to Building a Modern Board and Batten Accent Wall

Choose what design you want for your wall, this step sounds simple but can often be the hardest part.

If you are looking for inspiration you can check out this Pinterest board for some fun ideas. Measure the length and width of your wall and get a rough idea of where obstacles like outlets and vent covering will be.

I ended up taking a piece of graph paper to sketch out my design with all the correct measurements. I would highly recommend this, I used this piece of paper as a reference and guide while building the wall throughout the entire process. I used a 4-foot level to make sure everything looked straight then I would put a little bit of liquid nails on the back of the board, place it on the wall and drive 4-5 brad nails through the board. Modern board and batten accent wall before paint

It can be tempting to overlook the nail holes and think you can just paint over them, but this is never a good idea. Grab a putty knife and some wood filler and go over all the nail holes with a thin layer.

Yeah, it sucks, but make sure to sand all the holes you just filled so they don’t show through the paint. We ended up doing two coats and we love how our modern board and batten accent wall turned out.

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