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Our friend Mariah.Shealy recently renovated her outdated kitchen with the Bradstreet ll in the new Summer Night matte black finish from the VIBE Collection. If you have been following me for awhile then you know that I wanted to renovate our kitchen when we moved in.

So we decided we would wait several months until we were a little less busy to undertake the renovation. Now keep in mind that our kitchen was renovated about 9 years ago by the previous homeowners but it was still outdated.

The countertops were corian, the sink was faded, and the cabinets were pretty just not the color we wanted. First things first, I HAD to create a design board to help my mind think a little bit better.

Upon my searching, I stumbled upon Sinkology, an online company that provides premium sinks for kitchen and bath. Sinkology has now branched out to offering their products in Home Depot, too! Our current faucet was a stainless steel pull down style, but it was about 10 years old and definitely needed to be replaced.

I heard about Pfister Faucets through one of my design friends and Sinkology spoke really highly of them so I decided to check out what they have! They provide a wide array of bathroom and kitchen faucets! I love it’s sleek design and am so glad we chose that style.

Overall, I am so happy I decided upon a Sinkology sink and Pfister faucet! They were both amazing companies to work with and made the process that much easier!

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