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Would you have a contractor build you a new house or remodel your existing home without first working with them on creating a design and making a plan? A design is an essential tool in building that communication and aligning your thoughts and ideas with those of your landscaper. Maybe the area is too small to comfortably fit the patio, fire pit, gazebo and water feature or perhaps there is not enough sunlight to have a successful back lawn or maybe two steps will be required to transition from the house to the patio instead of the anticipated one.

These initial ideas that may or may not work for your landscape are best tested out first in a preliminary design where the cost of a mistake is the rub of an eraser or a new sheet of paper before the construction begins compared to a patio tear out or lawn replacement after the project is completed. While this may sound like a money saver in the beginning it could end up costing a whole lot more if the install doesn’t run smoothly and work needs to be redone or a last minute design needs to be pieced together on site. This precision in design allows me to plan your space based on your wants and needs…and use my creative license when needed.

So how do we provide the gratifying results that our clients are looking for by simply creating an accurate design?

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