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I’m talking about front porch decor that’s simple with a big impact, budget friendly and can work for homeowners and renters. This post does include affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

My mother-in-law recently made the big move from Maryland to be with us here in Orlando, Florida. You’ll also find all the items linked at the end for your shopping convenience!

For this front door I went with black, white, natural wood and greenery as my colors. The natural wood color looks amazing on top of any rug you choose!

You’ll want to also grab the pots in various sizes so they vary in height. By doing this, your plants will be displayed at various heights creating depth to the space. My favorite part of any front door refresh is adding greenery.

I took into consideration that this space is 100% shade and used plants that thrive off of bright light. If you’re not sure what type of plant to use for your front porch, head to your local nursery and ask them They’re usually full of knowledge! Not only did it look great with the black door but it balanced the space by tying in with the potted plants.

Wanting to quickly give your front door area an update that’s also budget friendly? And since I know many of you don’t have Target available where you live, I’ve also linked similar items that are found on Amazon. Make sure to tag me in your front porch makeovers so I can celebrate you turning your house into a home with you!

Wreath || Rug || Wooden Doormat (in store only) || Planter + Stand || Cement Pot || Address Sign

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