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A front porch addition is a great way to enhance the curb appeal and value of your single-level property. Plus, our expert design team at Georgia Front Porch has included other spectacular ideas to ramp up your horizontal space. If you’ve decided it’s time to freshen up and modernize your ranch home’s appearance, we have offered a few expert ideas.

Ranches tend to look boxy and suffer from monotonous horizontal lines; break them up with landscaping upgrades.

Cut back on the number of shrubs and trees altogether to make your home appear bigger. French doors are a nice touch to connect the home’s inside with outdoor living spaces like porches and decks.

Essentially, you want to showcase the front door, windows, and shutters through color, light, shapes, and texture. Many homes have undergone a virtual transformation by painting red brick white or light gray.

Paint the front door a bright color and replace your house and mailbox numbers with mid-century font options. Although, a front porch addition creates a fantastic adaptable outdoor living space and makes your home more inviting.

front porch addition ranch curb appeal header
front porch addition ranch curb appeal header
front porch addition Ranch Curb Appeal Bottom
front porch addition Ranch Curb Appeal Bottom

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