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After searching for months, my boyfriend, Roman, and I knew exactly what we wanted: a minimal design, preferably made from wood, that would accommodate both of our shoe collections. I loved that the shoe box was on casters, and looked simple to construct. Read on for a materials list and step-by-step instructions for the perfect entryway shoe rack. Above: We set out to create a narrow box on wheels to fit in the tight space between our front door and storage closet. We made a rendering of the shoe rack we had in mind so we could visualize the outcome before we got started. : Your dimensions may differ depending on the desired size of the shoe rack and the thickness of the wood.

Step 1: Sand the edges of each piece of wood to get a smooth-to-the-touch surface. Step 2: Lightly apply wood glue to the edge of one of the base planks.

Step 4: While the wood glue is drying, mark the drill point with a pencil or chalk.

Step 5: After the wood glue is dry, drill a hole for the screw.

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