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This style takes on classic colours, a range of decorative elements and beautiful symmetrical designs. Commonly associated with King George of England, the French Provincial style still has an influence on Australian homes – and we here at Intrim absolutely love it! Exposed timber is a key feature in French Provincial homes, as well as detailed mouldings around fireplaces and as part of the cornice and skirting boards.

French Provincial inhabits country style living with a luxurious flair, but has also come a long since its origins, now boasting lighter colours, cleaner design and modern touches.

So, when you think of French Provincial, think of natural colours of the landscape, stone features, country-style kitchens with white interiors, and making use of metals and wood for classic sophisticated finishes. Choosing creamy whites, light grey tones with ivory and hints of soft blues and greens will keep your home in the delicate country style that French Provincial is known for.

With a French Provincial kitchen, you want to have the island bench in the middle of the room with a marble top to really give it that luxurious look and feel. The furnishing in a French Provincial home will be in the style of an antique look, including older and classic designs.

Tufted furniture with button detailing is a definitive feature of French provincial style, adding old-world charm to your home. Mirrors are also another piece to have, as they not only reflect light around the room but also have an elegant carved wooden frame that will complement the rest of the furniture in the home. You are probably now picking up on the theme that heavy decoration and details are what French Provincial styling is all about, and this is the same for timber mouldings. To add to all your linens, timbers and marbles, you cannot forget ornate, detailed skirting boards and architraves, beautiful cornices and wainscoting.

In terms of decoration, flowers are always suited to the French Provincial look and tie in beautifully with both the classic and countryside feel. To finish off, give your home some love with colourful ceramics, wrought iron, old copper pots, candles and some marble ornaments to fill the spaces.

The furniture should be elegant with beautifully curved edges, rounded legs and be big and bold to make a statement.

If you have a fireplace, make sure you deck it out to be a standout piece, and if not, faux mantles are an easy addition to achieve a similar look.

Flowers, greenery and antiques give it a personal touch and a warm comforting feeling throughout the home. From polished rustic looks to the ornate feel of antiques and knick-knacks, French Provincial homes can include exposed timber and chandeliers all in the same space.

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