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Effortlessly elegant, relaxed, and sophisticated, French style is one that’s copied in so many ways—our clothes, our beauty routines, even our overall lifestyles. Below, we’ve curated a list of essentials for this sought-after home style so you can deck your own maison with French flair.

Gilded and beautiful, gold décor shouldn’t overtake a room, but should add a touch of elegant glam to the space. Among the hints of gold in your design, bring in plenty of natural tone and texture to keep the space grounded. Gilded and dripping with crystal details or weathered with delicate lines, this staple of French style can be found in almost every room and commands attention. Instead of splashing it all over, they choose a few pieces of furniture, an accent wall, subtle wallpaper, or even just florals to add that perfect hint of a hue.

They may have built the Louvre, but the French are typically known for more for their charming country maisons than their grand chateaux. These cozy homes strike the perfect balance of lovely but efficient décor inside.

Stick to the traditional and include small pieces of on-trend décor, like animal print. From prints to paintings, a few pieces go a long way in making a space feel totally pulled-together and cozy.


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