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Today, we’re sharing the space at The Horse Farm Project that underwent probably the biggest change of all the rooms. Believe me, those changes were all pretty drastic but according to the homeowner this guest room makeover has been one of the most talked about spaces of the entire house and it’s one of our favorites too!

Just to give you a quick backstory, this bedroom was previously decorated in soft blues, whites and yellows.

When I originally met with the homeowner she wanted the space to have more of a masculine feel as she felt the room had become a little too feminine. During that same time, the new flooring was also being installed and we had started pulling together the rest of the elements for the room makeover. Thankfully, the homeowners had given us a great head start by purchasing this fabulous rug,

and these bed linens as soon as the project began which really helped to avoid any shipping delays. All that was left to do was to gather some cool accessories, artwork and paint the rest of the existing furniture. In my opinion, the one thing that made the bedroom look really feminine before other than the color scheme were the flowers on the dresser and on the nightstand.

Anyway, one afternoon while we were troubleshooting a few other issues, the homeowner suggested this old railway bridge because it held so many sentimental connections for this family.

The photography books were thrifted finds and also provided the pop of red we needed. I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow with a new monthly feature that is WAY out of my comfort zone.

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