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If you’re planning a home refresh this year, it’s easy to gravitate towards a fresh new kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom space - but what about rethinking your floors? The clean lines of the zigzag motif also bring out the nature-inspired wood grain patterns on tile - taking traditional hardwood flooring look to a new contemporary level! Give your living rooms, kitchens and entryways the high-end feel of European parquet flooring with all the benefits of long-wearing porcelain tile that is resistant to scratching, mildew, or moisture! Combining the timeless pattern with a modern surface, our Nova Chevron marble tile is a slip-resistant option for a beautiful flooring design that says “Look at me!”

Plaza Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile floors provide this neutral bathroom with a level of interest thanks to its handcrafted appearance and tumbled edges that paint or wallpaper simply cannot achieve! From timeless hexagons to contemporary leaf patterns, textured mosaic tile floors come with added advantages such as hiding dust, imperfections, and dirt.

Imperfect floor surfaces are perfect for homes with kids and pets, or any high traffic areas where you’d like to hide wear and tear. If your color palette consists of very similar shades, textured floor tiles can be the piece of the puzzle that will add dimension to your room.

Speaking of authenticity, one other trend making a big splash in the design world are reclaimed distressed wood-look floors to satisfy our desire for immediate warmth and character. Evoking cozy charm and country interiors, distressed wood-look porcelain tiles add individuality, and transform any ordinary room into a unique space with lived-in quality. From vintage whitewashed charm to antique wood-look finishes, these tiles are perfect to add a reclaimed wood appeal to your floors without worrying about wear, scratches, or damage from water, furniture, pets, or kids! Our natural wood look King Nut porcelain tile effortlessly mimics gorgeous hardwood looks and makes a lovely counterpoint for the butcher block countertops that country style kitchens favor!

Decorated with Mid-Century tulip chairs in the kitchen, or paired with a cowhide area rug in the living room, these tiles are exactly the flooring you’d want for a versatile, beautiful, and truly authentic aesthetic! Elegant and sophisticated, black and white mosaic tiles are finding popularity among homeowners who are looking to bring vintage charm to their floors with timeless patterns such hexagons, penny rounds and herringbones.

With more people now turning to a cozy home trend and the increasing popularity of the ‘grand millennial’ phenomenon, it’s no surprise that floral tile floors are in full bloom once again! Whether you decide to go all in and do the whole floor, or use it to highlight a section of a room, you can find a floral print mosaic tile to make your home blossom in a way that expresses your unique design style! Work with Tile Club to create a custom mosaic pattern that adds texture and depth to your floors - like this stunning bespoke lobby! Creative tile rug designs with floral mosaics can bring a personalized touch to an entryway, create beautiful focal points in a large bathroom, or infuse some energy into a living space just like a unique piece of art!

A water-repellent indoor and outdoor flooring material that’s been around for decades, terrazzo tiles are favored for their decorative speckled design and soft textural pattern that is understated, timeless and stylish. Now firmly back under the spotlight with new patterns and fresh detailing, terrazzo tiles will continue to take the décor world by storm thanks to their strength, durability and high-end beauty!

Desert Sand Terrazzo Hex Porcelain Tile adds a Mid-Century inspired flair to this kitchen design with its hexagon pattern and impeccable aesthetic loaded with character and personality!

Made of porcelain with a terrazzo-patterned design that mimics the look of original cement floors, our Terrazzo tiles are lightweight, scratch-resistant, and strong — the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or even walk-in showers! Our Kasai Notte 10x60” Rectified Porcelain Tile makes this living room appear modern, clean and seamless thanks to its large-scale design. Still trending thanks to fewer grout lines that result in a cleaner and uninterrupted look, large format tiles are a go-to option for open spaces as well as smaller rooms that need visual enlargement.

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