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Alpinia ginger flowers are long lasting, and tolerate long distance shipping, which makes them popular cut flowers.They can be very rewarding to grow, and with some simple care will continue to produce beautiful leaves and flowers for many years.Red gingers (Alpina purpurata), are also called Ostrich Plume, Pink Cone Ginger, Jungle King Plant and Jungle Queen Plant. These ginger plants are tall, upright, herbaceous, evergreen plants from the South Pacific, with bright red to pink floral bracts and inconspicuous white flowers.They are widely cultivated in the tropics and subtropics. Gingers attract bees, butterflies and/or birds.The deep green leaves are alternate and sessile (lacking a petiole), with a long sheath that wraps around the stem.

The seeds are about 1⁄10-inch long, black, oily, and may have a red aril.Alpina purpurata are among the most common and stunningly beautiful of tropical.

From the startling red ginger to the subtle pink shell ginger, these attractive plants are easy to grow in home landscapes in tropical and semi-tropical areas.If you live in a temperate climate such as the southern United States, you can grow ginger plants in large decorative pots outdoors in the summertime when they bloom and then move them indoors so they can be protected from cooler weather and frost in the fall and winter months.

Ginger Plants
Ginger Plants

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