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He knows a drop-off is never my primary purpose; I visit the landfill mainly to check “Treasure Central,” also known as the reclamation center. Used items with plenty of life left in them await their new owners in Treasure Central and there’s no telling when one might hit the mother load.

I lucked into a tired-looking ladder with its tag sale sticker still on it- a paltry five dollars was the asking price for this diamond in the rough.

I picked up a $2.97 sample can of Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint, tinted to the country cottage blue I had in my mind’s eye since Treasure Central.

I made a pair of decorative shudders years ago with this same technique that still adorn a bathroom window in my house. I toyed with the idea of putting a layer of polyurethane as a top-coat, but decided against it as I’d like the piece to continue to weather naturally.

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