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While I am glad to be able to do something to bring in a little extra money, I am not too happy having my living room look like a sign shop. I have limited tools – I only used a dremel and hack saw, so I used PVC pipe – easy to cut and cheap in case I messed up.

If you have a drill press and band saw this could be made from wood for a prettier and more durable rack.

To make this exact rack, you will need the following supplies (cost me $11 at lowes) and half an hour: On the left side I cut out a hole all the way through the pipe, and then connected them with a channel to allow easy removal of the dowel. I connected the two foot section with the joints, added my rolls of vinyl, and leaned the rack against the wall.

Not too pretty, but it does the job, and is tucked neatly away behind my bedroom door instead of on top of my freezer :0)

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