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Matching furniture to your floors is a tricky task, chiefly because we only get a select few times to think about interior decor in our lives. When the time finally arrives to decorate our own space, our lack of experience in the area can leave us with a wicked bout of option paralysis.

In this article, I’m going to take you through a bunch of fantastic furniture color ideas that will go down a treat with dark hardwood floors.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it will create a very cozy and inviting vibe, but it can make the space look smaller and less defined. While contrasting furniture can stick out like a sore thumb, this might be exactly what you need to lighten the room up and add some nuance to a space. Lighter furniture will help brighten up a space and make it seem larger, counteracting the shrinking effect of dark hardwood floors.

A great way to round off the visual impact of white furniture if you’re worried about it being a little too stark is to choose pieces with dark wood legs. Bare light wood tables, along with chairs, picture frames, rugs, and finishing touch accents to match, can really have a dynamic effect and make the room a joy to be in. This time, to smooth the transition from one end of the color spectrum to the other, you could add cushions to side chairs that incorporate a lot of dark hues and patterns.

The trick to pulling this bold move off is to use lighter colors for upholstered pieces such as couches and chairs.

So, if you’re loving the gray-wall trend sweeping the globe right now, and you have some luscious dark flooring to match, medium wood will be the perfect accent to prevent the gloom from overpowering the room. Choosing black decor can help to lighten up the floor, thus making the room look bigger and brighter without actually bringing any light shades into the mix.

We’ve talked about transitions a lot already, but there’s no better middleman between dark floors and light walls than medium gray furniture. Choosing purple upholstery is an amazing way to lean into the decadence of a dark hardwood floor whilst keeping shades distinct. Mixed with pale white walls, a forest green couch will make a space both fun and relaxing, and against the dark floor, alludes to beautiful natural environments.

Keep this in mind when shopping around, and you’re sure to make one masterpiece of a room that you’ll love to live in, and your guests will hate to leave.

What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Hardwood Floors?
What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Hardwood Floors?
What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Hardwood Floors?
What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Hardwood Floors?

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