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The color patterns you’ll see around my bright home consist of white, grey, soft shades of blue, and tan for the living room, and pink, white, black and gold for the bedroom and office. Here’s a peek at how I decorated our bright home to give it that bigger and brighter feel.

Then I chose a white duvet for the bedding (that somehow stays clean enough with dogs, don’t ask me how!)

I hung white curtains and then decorated the room with gold and pops of pink accents.

This room is nothing short on natural lighting, but with that comes compromise- it get’s very hot as the sun hits the glass around 4pm. Sheer, but still thermal-like curtains can help block additional heat while keeping the room still bright with a hint of natural light coming through.

It’s definitely a step forward compared to our old black furnished college apartment back in the day!

Pink white and gold bedroom decor
Pink white and gold bedroom decor
black white and gold bedroom
black white and gold bedroom

I moved our new bed just to entertain the idea...

White Kitchen Reveal